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Looking up End-of-Sale or End-of-Life announcements for Cisco kit

Very often when reviewing an existing network one of the taks I will automatically do is to review if any of the networking equipment is EoS or EoL.

Of course you can use to check all the serial number of your Cisco Devices and which is fine to do if you want to bulk check (if memory serves me correctly up to 20 serials and if you need more you would need to upload a csv formatted file).

This will return Product info (EoS / EoL), Contract and Warranty on all the serials you have provided.

However often I do not have the customer serials readily available but still want to check if a product has an EoS / EoL date.

If you are a Webex user (if not you can register for a free account here ) you know you can add bots that can make your life easier.

One of the bots which I very often use is CiscoEol which you guessed it provides EoS / EoL info on Cisco SKU.

You can add it easily to your account just hit Add to space and choose to use it direct or add it to a group space and you are good to go!

Once you added the bot to your webex account you will receive a notification from the bot and you are all set to verify the SKU's!

I must admit this bot is the bot that I am using the most so my gratitude goes out to Phil Bridges ( for creating this.

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